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SKU: 4751021850636

A firewood log prepared to enable 1.5-2 hours of burning in the garden or anywhere in the great outdoors. This log once lit will provide a nice heat to take the edge off the lowering evening temperatures, as well as create beautiful lighting and ambience in the garden. The Garden Fire Log is also a good way to repell mosquitoes as they will try to avoid smoke. The log has 'Ready to burn' accreditation, ensuring all timber is under 20% moisture content, meaning reduced fumes and emissions when compared to logs over 20% moisture content.

  • Perfect for when you need warmth in the garden or outdoors
  • Burns for 1.5 - 2 hours when lit
  • Creates beautiful light and ambience
  • The smoke repells mosquitoes
  • Kiln dried to under 20% moisture giving the best possible volume/heat ratio, which means little fumes or emissions from burning these logs
  • Woodsure 'Ready to Burn' accredited product
  • Produced from PEFC certified resources

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