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Readyblaze Truck and warehouse
Pile of forested logs

Production Capacity

There is at least 3 times more access to well-managed hardwood species in Latvian forests

when compared to somewhere

like the UK.


As a result, READYBLAZE has access to more product and are therefore able to offer a larger production capacity for UK buyers. In a typical season, Dizmezs process 70,000 cubic metres of Roundwood into winter fuels, lumber and furniture components from their large 110,000 square metre manufacturing hub. The site is able to build stocks in preparation for winter stock requirements.

Image by Knopka Ivy

Logistics & Delivery

We have logistical partners throughout 3 continents - Europe, USA and Asia.

Our industry experience has enabled us to continuously achieve the best possible lead times and strengthen our

delivery networks.

We have a proven track record supplying gardening retailers. We always strive to meet customer requirements and do all we can to ensure on time in full delivery of stock assortments.

See our factory in action!

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Our Promise

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