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1. Payment terms 100% before loading from our mill.

2. If other payment terms used - Goods remain Sellers property till the moment when payment in full is made and funds have arrived in Sellers bank account. Buyer is obliged not to make any further transactions with Goods like retail, resale, distribution etc. till full payment has been done.

3. It is possible to print cardboard boxes and plastic bags in any language if minimum order volume is 30 truckloads of each individual item (timber species also need to be realized as a different item ).

4. It is possible to work out a discount scheme on certain items for total volume exceeding 50 or 100 truckloads of Firewood per season if the orders are placed before the season (March every year).

5. If price discounts are provided based on seasonal volume, then full prices are declared in the invoices and the discount is paid back to the customer at the end of the season when the agreed minimum volume is actually collected.

6. Specific price solutions are possible for volume buyers purchasing goods during period March-June.

7. Prices may vary on weekly/monthly basis depending on trade activity during the course of the season. This does not relate to customers who have contracted certain volume of certain products till the beginning of the season, respectively April 1 every year.

8. Loadings of mixed articles in one truckload is possible. There is a "mixing fee" of 3% charged on top of standard prices for this service.

9. Nominal length of Firewood pieces are 25cm, 28cm, 30cm, 43cm and 50cm with technical length tolerance of +-2cm. There are pieces of up to 7% from volume shorter than that (last piece of log) but minimum length of 150mm is guaranteed.

10. Worldwide logistic service can be provided & DAP prices are possible on agreement.

11. Delivery of any of the above goods are subject to availability of product on stock. Annual agreements for quantity of each item with volume tolerance of +-10% are recommended to secure the availability of particular product & volume at desired time.

12. Supplier can change price, technical or packaging characteristics, change sales terms or exclude any item from product list without any prior notice except in the case when written agreements are made.

13. Any claims about the quality or quantity of delivered goods would be accepted just in case those are issued no later than 5 days from the date of the delivery. In case the customers consider there is discrepancy between the order and actual delivery, the goods should be unloaded from transport in any case and kept in warehouse till an inspection can be carried out by Readyblaze representative.

14. There is possibility to provide PEFC certificate for our products. This service cost 10% on top of the price and the delivery of PEFC goods should be agreed in writing before the season so to make necessary arrangements in respect to volume and timing.

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