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  • Do you supply private consumers?
    No, we supply our products to retailers, who consumers can then buy from.
  • What is the minimum order quantity?
    The miminum order quantity is one full pallet although best pricing is available for full container load deliveries.
  • What is standard leadtime?
    Typical leadtime is 7-14 days for full container load delivery. Pallet quantities can be delivered within 72 hrs.
  • Can various products be mixed in same container?
    Yes, loading of multiple items is possible, 3% mixing fee applies and 100% of container capacity must be used. Mixing various items on one pallet is not possible.
  • How many pallets fit in to a container load?
    It depends on each particurar item, usually there are 52 pallets, some items need 60 pallets to make a full load. You can view the specific information by product on the 'PRODUCT TRADE INFORMATION' tab for each product on this website
  • What is the best type of wood to use for fuel?
    Hardwood species are best for fuel use because hardwoods are more dense and the denser the wood the longer and hotter it burns. Softwoods like Spruce or Pine tend to spit while burning so hardwoods are by far better and safer
  • What is the difference between Birch and Ash firewood?
    These are both Hardwoods. Ash will burn a bit longer and hotter than Birch due to the fact Ash is around 10% denser than Birch
  • What is kiln drying and why is it good?
    Trees have plenty of water inside while growing, excess moisture is removed from timber during the kiln drying process. There might be around 80% moisture content in the timber originally. It must be dried down well below 20% in order to use for fuel safely. Theoretically it is possible to season or air-dry Logs in a shed but it would take 2-3 years get moisture down below 20% in the core of the log. Kiln drying allows you to undertake this process in 4-5 days using special kiln ovens where temperature is controlled at the optimum level.
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