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Sustainable Sourcing

We source the best quality timber from our very own Latvian forests. The technology in the sawmill also enables all the wood waste to be utilised by using the waste as the fuel in the boiler plant to produce heat for the kiln drying facilities. 


READYBLAZE is committed to sustainable sourcing of raw materials and is a member of the PEFC scheme. For every 1 tree cut down from a sustainable forest, 8 additional trees are planted by us.



Reducing Emissions

READYBLAZE is a member of the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ initiative to reduce harmful air pollution.


All of our timber is kiln dried to less than a 20% moisture content level. When our products are used this means cleaner, hotter burning and less harmful emissions than other products available on the market that may be over 20% moisture levels. 

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